Rhino’s Building Sold, Programs Moving to Harmony School

According to a post on Facebook today the Rhino’s building has been sold, and the programs will be moved to Harmony School. Here is the statement, and a gallery of images from shows of the past, and documenting what the building looked like recently.

A post on Facebook Thursday, April 4, 2019 reads the following:


To Everyone Who Has Ever Been Involved With Rhino’s:

I am writing to let you all know that Harmony has sold the property where Rhino’s has been since 1995. This was a difficult decision. However, after the financial support fell through that was necessary to keep Rhino’s open in the form we have all known it, the decision was clear. We are trying to keep the most popular Rhino’s afterschool programs going by using the Harmony School building as the home space for Rhino’s. Many of you may know that Rhino’s actually started in the Harmony building by Harmony students, before moving downtown in 1992.
The programs we are trying to keep active are the Rhino’s Youth Radio show on WFHB, a Theater program and periodic opportunities for young bands to play live at locations around town as well as live on the radio show. Harmony will also provide additional space for afterschool programs as needed. However, we are not underestimating the challenges of keeping Rhino’s name and programs vibrant in the future without a home of its own.

I want to thank all of you that supported Rhino’s these last 27 years – especially the young people who helped start Rhino’s and the many generations of you that helped manage Rhino’s throughout the years. I also want to thank the four people who directed Rhino’s at different points, Lisa Sorg, Brad Wilhelm, Liv Mershon and David Kopp, as well as all the other people that have worked and volunteered at Rhino’s.

Obviously, it is Brad, that served as director for 24 of those 27 years, that made Rhino’s the program that meant so much to me and Barb and generations of Bloomington youth.

Again, thanks to all of you for your past support and understanding as Rhino’s goes through these major changes.

Steve “Roc” Bonchek””

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