UAW-GM workers in Bedford on Strike

09162019 – Bedford, Indiana, USA: United Auto Workers Local 440 president Kevin Hutchinson puts the letters spelling, “UAW ON STRIKE,” on a marquee outside the local headquarters after workers at the General Motors’ Bedford Powertrain factory joined a national labor strike against GM, Monday, September 16, 2019 in Bedford, Ind. The strike involving over 49,000 workers nationwide began at midnight. Over 700 work at the Bedford plant. It’s the first nationwide strike the UAW has organized since 1982. “Our demands are really pretty simple. We want jobs back in America. We want jobs quit being sent to Mexico. We want our temporary workers hired full time, they work side by side with us out there and don’t make the same pay and don’t have the same benefits. And we want job security, retiree benefits, wages, and some of the profit GM made … like $44 billion last year. Mary Barra made $22 million as a CEO of General Motors. We gave up for them in 2007, and they were going through the bankruptcy to help save the company. And now we want them to invest in us. We want them to be fair with us at the table,” said Hutchinson. (Photo by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

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