Protesters in purple t-shirts protest Schooner Creek Farm at Farmers Market

Members of the “Purple Shirt Brigade” stage a protest against Schooner Creek Farm during the Farmer’s Market, Saturday, September 28, 2019 in Bloomington, Indiana. A group of protesters wearing t-shirts, and holding blank purple signs, picketed while walking in a tight circle, but spread out after the police asked them to do so. Sarah Dye, who owns and works at SCF has admitted she’s a member of the American Identify Movement, and has self-identified as an identitarian. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists AIM as a white nationalist group. Schooner Creek Farm’s presence at the market has been the subject of protests since at least June of 2018 when a scuffle occurred near the coffee stands after protesters arrived at the Schooner Creek booth. Protests began again in June of 2019, and continued all summer. Protesters, including the group, No Space for Hate, have been demanding the city stop SCF from being a vendor in the market, but the city, citing the First Amendment, says it cannot remove the business since the market takes place on public property. An alternative market began in the parking lot of the Eastside Bloomingfoods, after masked anti-fascist protesters were in the market one weekend, and a militia group the next, and the market was shut down for two weeks in July. When the market reopened, protests continued. Recently SCF was denied a permit for the winter market. (Photos by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

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