Two shot, one suspect arrested after early Sunday shooting

A male suspect was arrested after firing shots near South Grant St. and East Smith Ave. around 2 a.m., Sunday, October 13, 2019, in Bloomington, Ind. (Photo by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

A male suspect was arrested after firing shots in the area of South Grant St. and East Smith Ave. that left two injured around 2 a.m., Sunday, October 13, 2019, according to Bloomington Police Department Sgt. Ben Burns during a Sunday morning press briefing at the police station. Burns said the investigation is ongoing. The police dept has issue a press release, which is at the end of this story in its entirety.

The press release states that there were more than one shooter, but only one arrest. An 18-year-old woman, and a 23-year-old man, were shot, and taken to the hospital where they are in stable condition. A large party had been taking place in the area when the shooting began, and a police officer on a routine patrol responded when he heard the gunshots.

A person living in the neighborhood told The Bloomingtonian they saw a man on the lawn of a house firing a handgun multiple times and that people panicked, ran to leave the area, get into cars, or barricade themselves inside residences. Another person said they could hear a woman outside their building crying and when they looked outside police told them to go back inside, that the area was under investigation.

At the scene around 9 a.m., two vehicles had windows that had been shattered, a bullet casing remained in a parking lot (the Bloomingtonian alerted police about the evidence and provided the location), gloves and gauze remained on a sidewalk, shoes were strewn about and empty bottles, cups, and medical gloves littered the street.

The scanner traffic from several minutes is posted in a link at the top of this page.

Update 2:21 p.m. – Bloomington Police press release:

“Bloomington Police Investigating Overnight Shooting”

“The Bloomington Police Department is investigating a shooting that occurred during the overnight hours near the 400 block of S Grant Street.
On October 13 th, 2019, at approximately 01:58 a.m., an officer with the Bloomington Police Department was patrolling the area of S Grant Street and E Smith Avenue when the officer heard numerous gunshots in the immediate area. The officer then observed several hundred persons fleeing from a nearby party. An additional volley of gunshots continued to be heard.”

“The officer located a 23 year old male who had sustained a gunshot. As other officers arrived to the area, an 18 female was also located with two gunshots. Officers and other first responders rendered aid to the victims.
Officers quickly learned there was more than one shooter. A witness provided a physical description of one shooter that was seen fleeing the area. An arriving officer saw this suspect running with a handgun and chased him on foot. The suspect was apprehended. Gabriel A Alsman (20) was arrested for Resisting Law Enforcement, Level 6 Felony; Criminal Recklessness with a Firearm, Level 6 Felony; Theft, Level 6 Felony; Possession of Marijuana, “B” Misdemeanor; and Illegal Consumption, “C” Misdemeanor. The firearm he possessed had previously been reported as stolen.”

“Investigators located numerous spent shell casings along the 400 block of S Grant Street and in an adjacent alleyway. Several vehicles and buildings were damaged as a result of the shooting. Both victims were transported to IU Health Hospital. Both are currently in stable condition. Detectives continue to investigate the shooting. Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact Detective Josh Burnworth at (812) 349-3363. No further information is available at this time.”

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