Crime briefs: November 20, 2019

German Shepherd recovered Thursday

The Bloomington Police say they recovered an injured 50 pound female German Shepherd Thursday morning around 8 a.m., which had been confiscated from its owner, Wednesday, who then is suspected of stealing it back from the animal shelter.

A police officer saw the suspect and the dog in the area of Rockport and Rogers Thursday morning, and called dispatch, according to the BPD, who said the dog’s name is Lucy. The dog’s owner, a 49-year-old man, who is experiencing homelessness, was placed under arrest, as he was yelling for the dog to run from the police, said the BPD. The dog owner was the subject of an ongoing investigation for animal cruelty, said the BPD.

According to an employee at the Animal Shelter the dog was taken from its owner Wednesday, and was being treated for its injuries, which may have been sustained in an accident, and was being treated when the suspect released the dog from a cage, and walked down the road with the dog, according to the BPD. The owner had an arrest warrant for suspected animal cruelty, which was unrelated to the animal’s injuries being treated, said the BPD.

After the animal was recovered Thursday morning, its owner was charged with a misdemeanor A for animal cruelty.

Neglected dog dies of Parvo

Bloomington Animal Control responded to the Crawford apartments Wednesday after a report of a neglected puppy sick with parvo, according to the BPD. When the animal control officer arrived at the apartment, they found 10-12 people in the apartment, but nobody who would claim ownership of the puppy which was described as extremely weak and emaciated, with its bones showing, said the BPD.

Animal Control took possession of the dog named Onyx, an 8-9 week old German Shepherd mix, around 1:15, and within an hour the dog died at the shelter, according to the BPD. The police said a person finally came forward, and gave the name of the dog’s owner, who claimed they had called a vet to care for the dog, but it was too expensive, so they didn’t take the dog to be treated.

No arrest was made, but the police said a warrant may be requested for animal neglect.

All charges are mere allegations unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

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