Nevada, a cat that went viral, still available for adoption

Nevada, a cat that’s been up for adoption at the Bloomington Animal Shelter, is still available for adoption, even after a photo of a police dispatcher holding her went viral, November 20, 2019. Someone already paid the adoption fee for the cat, so there is no fee to adopt. Emily Herr, who is the Outreach and Behavior Coordinator a the Bloomington Animal Shelter, is holding Nevada. (Photo by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

Nevada, a cat that has been at the Bloomington Animal Shelter for over 100 days, was given widespread attention in the media and on the internet after a November 15th post showing the cat hugging a Bloomington Police Department dispatcher. The Bloomingtonian went to visit the cat Wednesday.

When Dispatcher Matt Smith stopped by the animal shelter to take some photos for our Furever Friends project, five year…

Posted by Bloomington Police Department on Friday, November 15, 2019

“She’s been here for about 100 days. She was kind of a neighborhood cat, in that she had multiple caretakers but no one person was really caring for her. She wasn’t spayed, so during that time she had multiple litters of kittens and her last litter of kittens, someone brought her into the shelter. And we sent her into foster care where she … ‘Yes, a touchy subject for her,’ (talking to the cat after it meows) …. where she raised her litter of kittens and then all the kittens were adopted and she’s been here, hanging out waiting to find the perfect match. She does prefer to be the only cat. It is noted that she does like visitors a lot, but she would just prefer to be the only queen bee in the house,” said Bloomington Animal Shelter Outreach and Behavior Coordinator Emily Herr.

Nevada is a gray cat, approximately 5 years old, and has medium hair, and green eyes. One ear is partially missing after she had a hematoma when she gave birth to her last litter of kittens, according to Herr.

Herr said the post by the Bloomington Police Department showing dispatcher Matt Smith holding the cat was widely shared. Afterward, Nevada had a lot of visitors, and someone even paid her adoption fee, but nobody has adopted her yet.

“I think when you see a little bit of her persnickety personality, I think they expect that hugging moment to be all the time. But she’s a cat, you know, she has moods,” said Herr. “She’s around other cats right now. So that is stressful for her. So I don’t think she’s really able to show like who she really is. And she really is an affectionate cat. She’s just a little bit overstimulated with everything that’s going on here,” Herr added.

The Animal Shelter has several other older cat up for adoption, and several kittens. The shelter also has dogs for adoption, including an American Bulldog mix named Koda Bear who has been at the shelter for about two months. The shelter also adopts out other types of animals as well.

The shelter is located at 3410 S Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47401.

The phone number is: 812-349-3492

Hours for the shelter are:

Thursday 12–5PM

Friday 12–7PM

Saturday 12–5PM

Sunday 1–4PM

Monday 12–5PM

Tuesday 12–7PM

Wednesday 12–5PM

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