Cars collide head-on while making laps at apartment complex

Two silver cars collided head-on while racing in the 1300 block of N. Arlington Drive, Tuesday, according to the Bloomington Police Department.

Around 4:46 Tuesday afternoon police were called after two cars making several laps and driving erratically at an apartment complex collided head-on before one of the drivers pulled out a silver revolver, and pointed it at the other driver, according to the BPD. As the police arrived one of the cars could be heard leaving, and the driver of that car, who had the gun pointed at him, was stopped by the police, and ordered out of the car without incident, according to the BPD. He was not arrested, said the police.

The police officer investigating the incident was able to view surveillance video, which showed the men making laps, and one pointing the gun at the other after the crash, said the police. The man with the gun left on foot, and headed into the nearby woods, according to the police.

The police are still attempting to determine the identification of the driver who pointed the gun, and said they would like to locate him for a statement.

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