Herald-Times printing operations moving to Indianapolis

The Schurz Communications flag no longer flies at the Herald-Times after the Schurz family sold the HT, and other Schurz Newspapers to GateHouse Media for 30 million dollars in January 2019. (File Photo by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

The Herald-Times announced today the local newspaper will soon no longer be printed in Bloomington, but will be printed in Indianapolis, which will also be the printing location of other Gannett owned newspapers, including the Dispatch in Columbus, Ohio.

In an article published by the HT on its website this morning, the general manager said there would be some local layoffs at the Gannett owned Bloomington property, but the number of layoffs is undetermined.

GateHouse Media acquired the Herald-Times from Schurz Communications in January 2019, then the same company, New Media, that owns Gatehouse Media, bought Gannett in a 1.3 billion dollar deal, which made it the largest newspaper company in the United States owning 1 of every 6 American newspapers.

After the deal was approved, GateHouse Media, and Gannett were merged, and the name of the company became Gannett, according to news articles. According to news articles in December, Gannett executives must find at least 300-million in savings to satisfy investors.

The story posted on the HT website said the last newspaper printed locally in Bloomington will be the February 3rd or 4th edition.

The printing presses for the HT are located at 1900 S. Walnut Street.

The HT story is here:


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