Protester arrested at Farmers’ Market files tort claim against City of Bloomington

A notice of a tort claim has been filed by the woman arrested in July 2019 while protesting at the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market, according to her attorney. The City of Bloomington, the mayor, the Bloomington Police Department, Parks and Recreation Department, and the Board of Park Commissioners are named in documents provided by her attorney.

The notice of a tort claim filed by Bloomington attorney Geoffrey M. Grodner on behalf of Cara Caddoo is claiming, wrongful arrest, defamation of character, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The document reads, “Ms. Caddoo has a claim for damages arising out of the aforementioned causes of action, including for false arrest, defamation, emotional distress suffered, actual and further potential damages arising out of the publication of her name incorrectly asserting Ms. Caddoo engaged in criminal activity and detailing her home address, subjecting her to threats by white nationalist organizations. Ms. Caddoo seeks compensation for actual and punitive damages, together with costs and attorneys’ fees incurred, in an amount greater than $500,000.”

A notice of a tort claim allows an individual to sue the State of Indiana or a government agency. The City of Bloomington has 90 days to respond.

Copies of the documents are posted here:

Press release:

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