No confirmed case of Covid-19/Coronavirus in Monroe County according to state statistics released Friday morning

The Indiana State Department of Health released its latest statistics on Covid-19/Coronavirus Friday, March 20, 2020. The statistics showed no confirmed case in Monroe County. An Owen County resident has tested positive, according to statistics.

However, cases spiked to 79 across the state of Indiana, with 554 tested. The site says, “Number of tests is provisional and reflects only those reported to ISDH. Numbers should not be characterized as a comprehensive total.”

And also says of the 79 cases, “Number of tests is provisional and reflects only those reported to ISDH. Numbers should not be characterized as a comprehensive total.”

A person was tested on Monday according to a story in the Herald-Times, but test results were only available yesterday. The hospital released the following statement:

“Early this morning, the Indiana Department of Health (ISDH) confirmed that a patient seen in the Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital emergency department (ED) tested positive for COVID-19. The IU Health Bloomington team followed all safety protocols with precision: the patient was masked and escorted directly into a room, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Team members utilized all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the process. The patient was admitted to the hospital where the patient remains. All care continues to be supervised by members of the clinical leadership team and the hospital’s infection prevention specialist. Both IU Health South Central Region President Brian Shockney and Chief Nursing Officer Cindy Herrington express great pride in the response by all teams involved. “Our highly-skilled professionals were calm and confident in their ability to provide excellent care. They demonstrated that preparation and commitment to following recommended best practices supports a safe healing environment for everyone: patients, visitors and team members,” said Shockney. “We acknowledge the concerns which now exist in our community and are committed to respond to the challenges and uncertainties of this unprecedented time.””

The statement does not specify the county of residence of the patient. The Bloomingtonian has reached out to the hospital’s PR team for comment.

Commenters on The Bloomingtonian’s Facebook page have widely reported people with symptoms asking to be tested, and being denied. It’s known that there are a shortage of tests, and that only those meeting certain criteria are being tested. If a person is positive, it can be days, even if they are tested, before they know they have the virus, and in the meantime, they may have had contact with others, who also might not know they’ve been infected, and can spread COVID-19 unknowingly infecting even more people.

Nationwide, there has been a shortage of tests, but the virus is highly contagious, and is expected to spread. The CDC has recommended distancing, and avoiding contact with others. People over 60 should avoid others because the mortality rate from catching the virus is higher than for younger people, however, many younger people are being hospitalized nationally for complications from the disease.

Cases of Coronavirus are expected to spike partially due to the lack of tests, and testing. If cases of the virus spike, hospitals do not have enough ICU beds, or ventilators to handle the number of patients who may seek healthcare. Americans have been asked to stay home, and avoid anything but essential trips from their homes to avoid a spike in cases, and to flatten the curve.

The MCHD release the following statement last night after the HT reported a confirmed case from a test on the 15th of March: “The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) released its daily COVID-19 case count earlier today. No Monroe County cases have been diagnosed at this time, but we expect that to change as this outbreak continues,” said the press release.

“The Monroe County Health Department is dedicated to transparency and pledges to keep the community informed by sharing information by press releases as well as its webpage at and its Facebook page.  Up to date information on Indiana corononavirus cases can also be found at ISDH at Please look to these sources for the most up-to-date and accurate information,” said the press release.






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