MCHD releases latest virus statistics, and link to demographic data in Indiana

In a press release Friday, the Monroe County Health Department said there are now 8 confirmed cases of COVID-19/Coronavirus in Monroe County, and 97,028 nationwide, which is more than either China or Italy. The release cited access to testing as being why numbers are climbing.

The release also said the state is now releasing demographic data on positive cases at the following link:

Here is the text of the release:

  • As of 3/27/20, the United States now has more cases (97,028) than Italy (86,498) and China (81,897), the previous case leaders.  There are 585,040 cases of novel Coronavirus in the world. U.S. numbers have been climbing steadily due to increased access to testing.
  • As of 3/27/20, Monroe County has 8 diagnosed cased of COVID-19. Indiana has 981 cases and 24 Covid-19 related deaths. The coronavirus has been found in 69 Indiana counties.

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) has added COVID-19 case demographics on its Coronavirus Dashboard, .  The site includes case counts by state and county, Covid-19 related deaths, the number of tests completed, and now age range and gender.

  • The Monroe County Health Department recommends community members follow the Governor’s Stay-At-Home order except for essential activities, such as grocery shopping.   When shopping, remember to take precautions to reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19;
    • Make a list to ensure you get what you need to minimize trips
    • Shop online, if possible, and have delivered or pick-up
    • Try to shop at off hours when the store is less busy
    • If wipes are available, wipe the handles of the cart/basket and then let it dry before using
    • Try to maintain 6 feet of space between you and others while in the store
    • Purchase the items you need, then leave
    • Use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands
  • The CDC has a Coronavirus Self-Checker at to help guide users through medical care decisions if they or a loved one has coronavirus symptoms.  Users answer questions about age, location and symptoms and the application gives recommendations on care based on the provided information.

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