Uber driver scammed out of $3850

A Bloomington Uber driver was scammed out of 3850-dollars after falling victim to an e-mail fraud, according to the Bloomington Police Department.

The man, who reported he is an Uber driver, was contacted via e-mail by a man who said he wished to pay him to place a sticker on his vehicle for advertising, but instead the victim was scammed for 3850 in an e-mail fraud after he deposited a check for 3500-dollars, according to the police.

The victim was sent a check, and instructed to deposit it, and use a cash app to pay a “specialist” to put the ad sticker on his vehicle. So, the victim then sent the funds electronically to an unknown person, and then interactions between the victim, and the suspected stopped, according to the police.

The bank discovered the check was fraudulent, and withdrew the money from the victim’s account, according to BPD. The police investigator was unable to reach the suspect because the number and e-mail used by the suspect are no longer working.

The case is inactive.

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