Forty-six thefts from vehicles already reported in April, 27 this past week, according to police

Thefts from vehicles have sharply increased in the city, according Bloomington Police Department Capt. Ryan Pedigo.

According to Pedigo, just during April, there have been 46 reported cases of thefts from vehicles, and 27 in the past week. Many thefts were from unlocked vehicles in the areas of Burberry Lane, S. Rogers Street, E. Miller Drive, Gourley Pike/Hoosier Court, Muller Parkway, and the 1400 Block of S. Walnut/Washington Street, according to Pedigo.

The Bloomington Police Department would like to remind area residents to practice crime prevention by minimizing being a victim of theft from a vehicle with the following advice:

-Do NOT leave anything of value visible (including small amounts of change) and REMOVE valuables from the interior when parking vehicle(s), even in driveways.

-Remember to LOCK your vehicle(s) at all times

-When possible, park your vehicle in a garage, driveway, or in areas where adequate lighting exists.

-Report suspicious people or activity to police immediately.

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