Police and Crime Briefs – May 23, 2020

Vandalism, handgun pointed, and shots fired

5,000-dollars in vandalism at Tri-North

Vandalism, which is estimated to cost 5,000-dollars to repair, was discovered Friday inside the unfinished Tri-North Middle School.

Officers were called to the school Friday, where sometime Thursday night someone entered areas newly constructed and vandalized several areas of the unfinished school. The suspect (s) spray-painted wall and damaged drywall. The job site superintendent estimated the damage to be 5,000-dollars.

Man pulls handgun; has no concealed-carry license

A man pulled out a hand gun and pointed it at another man Friday night, and police later discovered he didn’t have a license to conceal carry, according to the police.

Just before 7 p.m. police arrived at the Circle K at the corner of W. 17th and Walnut where it was reported a man had pulled out a handgun, made threats, and pointed it at another man in the parking lot. The man that had been threatened left the parking lot, but police located a 29-year-old suspect wearing an empty holster. The store’s clerk advised the police that the man had asked him to place his jacket in the back of the store. Police found the jacket, and located a .40 caliber Taurus handgun in the jacket. However, police found the suspect has a revoked Indiana handgun permit. Police also found marijuana in the jacket.

The man was arrested on charges of carrying a handgun without a license, a misdemeanor; and possession of marijuana, B misdemeanor.  

Shots fired on S. Walnut Springs Drive

Multiple gunshots were fired, and reported by several 911 callers, just after 8 p.m. in the 3200 block of S. Walnut Springs Road, according to the police.

Police arrived and observed several people leaving the area, but none would speak to officers. The police found multiple 9mm shell casings in the parking lot, but said everybody they spoke with refused to provide information about who had fired the shots.

Officers were unable to locate any damage from the gunshots, or find anybody injured at the time officers were at the scene. However, a woman called the police just after 10 p.m. and said she returned home to find the rear door of her apartment had been shot, and the round had gone through the glass, and lodged into a wall.

Woman reportedly accidentally shot  

Scanner traffic Friday night indicated a woman may have been accidentally shot with a .22 caliber gun by her boyfriend at a residence on Leonard Springs Rd. The Bloomingtonian has reached out to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for more information.

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