Sixteen year old male arrested after firing shots early Wednesday

Police arrested a 16-year-old male after he fired shots early Tuesday morning.

Police were dispatched to the area of 700 Sherwood Hills around 2:11 a.m. Wednesday after receiving several calls reporting shots fired, according to the police. When officers arrived they observed two males, and a female running from a house, and later located another female in the area.

The mother of a teenage girl called the police after a 16-year-old male fired a gun into the air outside her house, and threatened to shoot and kill her, according to the police. The woman told police she had gone to pick up pizza after her daughter had invited three juveniles to her home that evening, but when the mother arrived she heard what sounded like sex sounds coming from her daughter’s room. When the mother opened the door everybody was naked, according to the police.

The mother told the male juveniles to get out of her home and then one of them pulled a gun from his waistband, fired into the air outside the house and then threatened to shoot and kill the mother. The mother said she ran upstairs and told her husband to call 911. The two males and the woman’s daughter took off, but all were located by the police and taken to the police station for questioning.

Police found a revolver on the 16-year-old boy who had fired the shots, and took him into custody, but as a police officer arrived at the station, and tried to open the door, the boy spun away, and took off running in handcuffs. Police later located him several blocks away near the Public Library and put him back into custody.

The teen then told the police he’d run out of his shoes, and police found his shoes and gave them to him.

Police also connected the 16-year-old juvenile to an armed robbery on May 29th. A man told police the 16-year-old forced him to take money from an ATM while armed with a gun. The man told police he’d given the 16-year-old a ride after talking to him on Snap Chat and picking him up from a residence, but the juvenile asked to be taken to a Village Pantry and produced a gun from his waistband, and told the man to go inside and make a withdrawal from an ATM or he’d shoot him. The man went inside and told the clerk he was being robbed, and the clerk called the police.

Police are charging the 16-year-old with criminal recklessness, level 5 felony; carrying a concealed handgun with no license, class a misdemeanor; intimidation, level 5 felony; escape, level 5 felony; and illegal consumption, misdemeanor.

The ages of the other juveniles are: female, 17; male, 15; and female; 14.

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