Woman steals license plate from occupied vehicle at stoplight before speeding away

A man reported his license plate was stolen from his vehicle at a stoplight Saturday, according to the Bloomington Police Department. 

A man called the Bloomington Police Saturday around 12:30 to report that a white woman had stolen the dealer plate from his Honda Odyssey while he waited at a stoplight, according to Bloomington Police Capt. Ryan Pedigo. The man said he heard a noise then saw a white female get into a red Toyota Tacoma, and he got out of his vehicle he saw that his license plate was missing, and the red Tacoma pulled away. 

A witness also reported to the police seeing the woman take the plate, and was able to photograph her, and the Tacoma‚Äôs license plate. The BPD is working to find the owner of the vehicle. 

The driver whose plate was stolen began to follow the Tacoma westbound on the Ind. 45/46 bypass but the driver began passing vehicles by crossing over the double yellow line, so the driver stopped following. 

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