Press Release: City Council Renders Four Votes for 0.25% Local Income Tax Increase

According to a press release sent to The Bloomingtonian Wednesday night the city council has voted against a 0.25 percent tax increase.

Text of the press release:


September 16, 2020

City Council Renders Four Votes for 0.25% Local Income Tax Increase

Bloomington, Ind. – Four of the nine members of the Bloomington Common Council this evening voted in favor of Resolution 20-13, which would have proposed an ordinance to the other members of the Monroe County Local Income Tax Council to increase the local income tax (LIT) by 0.25% for the purpose of economic development. The number of votes cast in favor of the resolution totals 25.9 % in the state allocation scheme. 

Given that the resolution to propose a LIT ordinance to the other constituent fiscal bodies of the county tax council was not adopted by the Common Council, the ordinance will not be forwarded for consideration by the other members of the Monroe County Income Tax Council.  

“I am disappointed that a majority of our City Council did not affirm the need for government to step up in this time of multiple crises to take care of our residents, and protect and advance the community for subsequent generations with additional revenue,” said Mayor John Hamilton.  “Bloomington, like many communities, faces several serious challenges and, I strongly believe, needs a modest enhancement of revenue to allow us to invest in our recovery from the COVID pandemic and the associated economic downturn, while also addressing looming climate change and continuing impacts of racial injustice. My administration as a whole and I personally remain committed to these vital causes. I am very concerned that without these funds we will face serious challenges to navigate troubled waters ahead.”

The county tax council comprises the nine members of Bloomington City Council, the seven members of the Monroe County Council, the five members of the Ellettsville Town Council, and the three members of the Stinesville Town Council, each of whose votes within the county tax council is proportionate to population represented.  

For more information about the proposed LIT increase, please refer to a list of Frequently Asked Questions at this page.   


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