Woman arrested after allegedly wielding knife during attack

A man used a back brace to shield himself from a knife attack by a 23-year-old woman around 3:30 a.m., November 19 in Bloomington.

The man called police and said the girlfriend of his roommate was trying to stab him, according to Bloomington Police Department. Sgt. Dana Cole. The man told police the woman had leaped off a sofa, grabbed him, then gone to the kitchen and got a knife from the sink, which she used to attack him. The man was backed into a corner of the room and used a back brace as a shield. Police found slashes in the shield from the woman allegedly attacking him.

At the scene, police found a seven-inch serrated knife with a white plastic handle they believe was used in the alleged attack.

The woman told police her boyfriend, who also lives at the house, had attempted to strike her but she did not know about the knife, but she does suffer from anger issues. She said nothing about having issues with the victim of the attack.

Police also talked to the boyfriend who said he heard a verbal argument that turned into a physical fight between the woman and his roommate, and the woman screamed threats. “I’ll kill you and your whole family,” the woman allegedly screamed.

The boyfriend talked to the woman so she would stop attacking his roommate, then she turned on him, and he closed the door to his room, but the woman stabbed the door. Police said the damage to the door is estimated to be 100-dollars.

The woman was taken into custody and is being charged with battery with a deadly weapon and intimidation, both level 5 felonies; interfering with the reporting of a crime, and criminal mischief, both misdemeanors.

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