Man wanted by FBI was arrested in Bloomington in October; unclear why he was in town

A man apparently arrested in Bloomington, Indiana in October by the FBI is believed to be connected to three sexual assaults and a 2000 homicide according the agency’s Twitter account, and a Tuesday press conference broadcast on Facebook.

The suspects name is Lance David Ray, and he’s 53-years-old, but the circumstances around the arrest in Bloomington were not revealed.

The assaults, and the murder did not take place in Bloomington. But all the Indianapolis TV stations reported on the arrest and the press conference.

The FBI Indianapolis Tweeted the following Tuesday:

“Ray – who was arrested in Oct in Bloomington – has lived in multiple areas & it’s believed there may be more victims. If you believe you/someone you know could be a victim, email [email protected]. Include your name, date of birth, phone number & address. …

The Phoenix Police Department broadcast the following video:

Several Indianapolis TV stations had reports on the arrest:

It’s unclear how long Ray had been in Bloomington at the time of his arrest in October.

In the video posted to Facebook a timeline of Ray’s places of residence was listed Mike Caputo FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Arizona:

“Part of the reason why we want to speak with all media today and ask for your assistance is, we believe there could be additional victims, due to our reach and ability to conduct investigations across the country. We’re now hoping to locate any additional victims or any additional information pertaining to Lance David Ray. Specifically, and you’re going to be given this, the timeline that we’re really interested in is where Ray lived. Early 1990s, San Francisco area, 1993 through 1999, Portland, Oregon, Washington and California. 1999 through 2003, Phoenix (Arizona) area which is where we have some of our incidents. 2003 through 2017 he lived in California, and 2017 to present, he lived in St. Louis, Missouri.”

Lance David Ray’s arrest does not show up in Indiana MyCase when searching for his name.  

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