Update: Police SUV totaled in head-on collision Wednesday night

A 39-year-old woman who fell asleep at the wheel crashed head-on into a police vehicle Wednesday night, according to Bloomington Police Department Sgt. Dana Cole.

The woman was driving a 2020 Toyota Camry east bound on the Ind. 45/46 bypass when she told police she fell asleep. The vehicle continued to travel east bound, but crossed all lanes until it struck a brand new 2020 Ford SUV patrol car head-on.

The police officer said he was heading west when it appeared the car was merging, but as it continued, it crossed left of the center of the highway, and crashed into the front passenger side of the police vehicle.

The speed limit in the area is 45 miles per hour.

The woman driving the Toyota was transported to a local hospital after complaining of neck pain. The police officer was taken to a hospital in another police car to be checked out after suffering minor abrasions, and was discharged.

Sgt. Cole said the driver of the Toyota showed no indication of impairment, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, Cole said both vehicles are totaled.

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