Driver rams police vehicle during Monday pursuit

The Bloomington Police arrested a 59-year-old man who rammed his vehicle into a police vehicle while being pursued Monday afternoon.

An officer from the Bloomington Police Department attempted to stop the driver of a 2014 gray Ford Mustang after the driver disregarded a stop sign Monday, according to Bloomington Police Sgt. Cody Forston. However, the vehicle failed to yield in the area of Second Street and Washington and continued westbound.

The vehicle finally came to a stop near the intersection of Rolling Ridge and Bloomfield Rd, but then the driver put the Mustang into reverse and rammed the police vehicle. The police vehicle was pushed a short distance by the impact.

The collision was not accidental, according to BPD Capt. Ryan Pedigo, who has viewed a video of the incident. Pedigo said the video is not being released at this time.

After colliding with the police vehicle, the driver continued fleeing westbound until reaching Curry Pike, where he made a U-turn and then headed back east on Bloomfield Rd. The driver turned south on Patterson Rd, continued to flee, and then lost control of the Mustang, which went into a wooded area around the intersection of Patterson and Allen.

The driver continued to resist, according to police, and members of the Monroe County Sheriff’s office, now assisting, tased the man who was then taken into custody.

Afterwards the man complained of pain was taken to the hospital. The police officer, whose car he rammed, complained of neck pain. The police car sustained minimal damage to the front bumper area and was used to pursue the man.

The driver is being charged with resisting law enforcement, a level 6 felony; resisting law enforcement an A misdemeanor; and reckless driving, a C misdemeanor.

The driver was taken to jail after being released from a hospital.

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