Intoxicated man kicks police officer after being asked to leave Wheeler Mission

Police responding to a disturbance at Wheeler Mission eventually arrested an intoxicated man after asking him to leave the property late Thursday afternoon, according to Bloomington Police Department Capt. Ryan Pedigo.

Officers responded to the 200 block of S. Westplex Ave., around 5:03 p.m. Thursday after a report of a 62-year-old intoxicated unhoused man inside the shelter causing a disturbance.

The man had allegedly punched another guest and was informed he needed to leave. A police officer walked with the man outside the building after also informing him he needed to leave. Once outside the man began to clinch his fists and said he was going to “beat his ass,” in reference to the police officer.

The officer told the man to stop and to walk away. The man continued to be aggressive towards the police officer, but the officer told the man he needed to leave the Wheeler Mission for 24 hours and that he was free to go.

As the man began to leave he tried to get into random vehicles, and the police again told him he needed to leave the property. Staff from Wheeler also told the man to leave so he wouldn’t be arrested. The man then took off his sweatshirt, and clenched fists again as if to strike the police officer.

Finally, police officers began to place the man into custody, and at that point he kicked one of the officers in the shin. The officer complained of pain. The man was then arrested, and taken to IU Health Bloomington to be treated for intoxication. The man was also charged with public intoxication, and disorderly conduct, but was not charged for kicking the police officer.

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