Severely injured man beaten by house guest

A man told police an unhoused man who he had helped by providing housing beat him at least 50 times with a walking stick severely injuring him Wednesday night, according to Bloomington Police Department Capt. Ryan Pedigo.

The 51-year-old man who was beaten was found outside his apartment early Thursday morning. The IU Health Bloomington ambulance service took the man to the hospital. Emergency workers alerted police about the man’s injuries, according to Pedigo.

The man had several lacerations on his head, both eyes were swollen shut, his nose was swollen, he had swollen lips and blood coming from his gums from the injuries he sustained during the beating. The man also had bruising on his abdomen, and on both arms where he tried to protect himself. Pieces of wood were stuck in the man’s teeth when the man was struck in the face. The man also had a nasal fracture.

When police interviewed the victim at the hospital, he stated that he’d confronted the man about how he was treating another person, and that led to an argument. He told then told man he wasn’t going to allow him to act up. In the conversation the man also asked the man to help pay a portion of the rent. The victim said the suspect had been unhoused 2 or 3 months ago, but he and his wife had taken in the suspect as a guest.

The man advised the suspect that it was time to go to bed, but then he appoached the man and began to act roughly. The man told police he told the suspect get off him. The suspect told the victim he was “going to kill him” and grabbed a walking stick and began the beat the man. The victim told police he was hit at least 50 times while the aggressor continued to threaten to kill him while also holding a knife. The man tried to escape, and the suspect continued to follow him beating him with his fists and kicking him. The suspect then ran off in an unknown direction.

Police later investigated inside the residence where furniture was in disarray, and there were pools of blood. Investigators located pieces of broken wood covered in blood, according to Pedigo.

Police soon found the suspect who matched the description, he had tried to come back to the apartment. Police noted the man was carrying an open container of dark liquid, and carrying a folding knife, which was found during a search.

The suspect was highly intoxicated, and after being cleared by the hospital, he was turned over to the Monroe County Jail.

The suspect is being charged with level 3 felony battery, and a level 5 felony for intimidation.

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