Catching up with Aries, who needs help with a business idea


The Bloomingtonian caught up with Aries Thursday on Kirkwood, and he told a story how he came up with a slogan, “Crab = Angry Turtle” while hanging out downtown and playing Magic cards.

He wrote the slogan on a piece of wood to display. Eventually an IU student made it into a t-shirt for Aries as a surprise, but there is only one t-shirt with the letters written in permanent marker. He said he’s hoping someone will help him with his entrepreneurial vision to make t-shirts of his slogan so he can sell them. He’s hoping the slogan will go viral.

Aries was living at Seminary Park over the winter but was displaced when the City of Bloomington cleared the park. Sometimes Aries can be seen downtown. He said he’ll miss the IU students who have befriended him but are leaving Bloomington after graduation.

“Crabs are just angry turtles,” said Aries.

The Bloomingtonian asked Aries if he’d ever heard of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and he said he hadn’t, but the idea of also making the slogan into an NFT was interesting.

He then laughed, and said he’d remembered a few years ago when he heard of someone spending a number of Bitcoin online. A single Bitcoin is now worth over 50-thousand-dollars.

Aries wears a t-shirt he’d like to reproduce and sell to make money. The message reads, “Crab = Angry Turtle.” (Photo by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

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