Man arrested after threatening deputies with handgun Sunday

A 33-year-old man was arrested Sunday night after threatening deputies with a handgun Sunday night on Mt. Gilead Rd., according to Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain.

The following press release was sent to members of the media Monday afternoon:


May 17, 2021

Subject:  Monroe County Deputies shoot at man with handgun

              A 33-year-old Monroe County resident was arrested on an outstanding drug possession warrant, after threatening deputies with handgun. 

         At 5:20 PM a concerned person called 911 regarding a man passed out on the lawn of a residence on Mt. Gilead Road; about three miles east of Bloomington.  When medical crew arrived, the man arose and ran to a nearby home.  Deputies soon identified the man to be Dustin Galyan.  Galyan was wanted on a warrant for violating terms of a pre-trial release for a level 6 felony narcotics possession charge.

         The address on the warrant, was the same as Mr. Galyan had fled into.  An attempt to open the front door found it to be barricaded. While entry was attempted, Galyan exited a rear door with a handgun in his hand. Two deputies fired two shots each, when Galyan raised the weapon.   Deputies moved back to safety. Galyan fled the residence then.  

         Assistance for man power was provided by Indiana State Police.  The Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) was activated as well.

         A few hours into the event, Dustin Galyan appeared at a home nearby.   Residents there notified 911, and one was in the process of driving Galyan to the police.   That vehicle was stopped on a gravel lane which connected to State Road 45 East.   Dustin Galyan was taken into custody by Monroe County Sheriff Deputies and members of CIRT.  He was transported to hospital for examination of minor injuries, not related to the firearms discharged, or his arrest.   He was then placed into the custody of the Monroe County Jail.

         A woman was found inside the barricaded home. She was determined to be the grandmother of Dustin Galyan.  She had signs of physical assault, and reported remembering walking in her home, and later awaking on a bed in the home. 

         The criminal aspects of the events are under investigation. A separate internal affairs investigation will be conducted to determine aspects to policy guidelines in a shooting event. 

Sheriff Brad Swain”

The Bloomingtonian gathered scanner dispatches from the incident which are posted at this link:

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