Press release: Second round of Covid vaccinations administered at Monroe County jail

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office sent the following press release to The Bloomingtonian Wednesday:

“PRESS RELEASE June 9, 2021

Second round to vaccinations given to inmates Twenty-eight more inmates at the Monroe County Correctional Center received vaccinations for COVID-19, in this second round at the center.

Men housed in the New Beginnings counseling and treatment dormitory were among those who accepted vaccination as a condition of resuming the program, which has been suspended during the pandemic. Incentives such as credit on Commissary have been offered to those accepting the treatment, and appears to be a motivation for many of those incarcerated. Over fifty inmates had been vaccinated last month.

Sheriff Brad Swain and Jail Commander Sam Crowe had begun a gradual resumption of programs at the Center, as vaccinations and sanitation measures have assured a low risk to inmates, volunteers, and professionals involved in programing. The Monroe County Correctional Center has enjoyed very low rate COVID positive cases.

A minor flare-up occurred in December, 2020 was quickly contained. Vaccinations will continue to be offered to inmates, in the hope the percentage of vaccinations exceed the general U.S. population.

Sheriff Brad Swain”

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