Police investigate shooting Friday at Crestmont Park

The Bloomington Police Department is investigating a shooting that left two wounded Friday, July 2nd at Crestmont Park, Bloomington Police Capt. Ryan Pedigo told The Bloomingtonian during Tuesday’s media briefing.

One woman was wounded in the foot by shrapnel and a man was hit with a bullet, according to Pedigo.

A member of the Bloomington Police Department heard 7-8 gunshots around 6:37 p.m. while around the 400 block of Spring Street, said Pedigo. Police soon located a woman being attended to by a man after being struck in the foot by a bullet fragment. The woman, who was surrounded by multiple people, refused medical treatment. The woman told police she didn’t see anybody shooting a weapon and didn’t see a suspect vehicle.

Police found eight .223 shell casings in the area.

Police went door to door to try to get more information about who fired the rounds and why, but received no information as nobody would give any details.

The woman who had been hit with the shrapnel told police she had just sat down on a bench on the southwestern side of Crestmont Park and began smoking a cigar, and she didn’t see a vehicle, but when she heard the gunshots, she dove onto the ground, then she felt her foot hurting.

Police were told a man had been picked up after taking one of the rounds, and he was sped off to a hospital. Policde were not able to get any information from the man who was shot and are still investigating.

Editor’s note: We got some pushback and outright disrespect from angry gun enthusiasts calling the author of this article everything from a fear-monger to a bad journalist for describing how deadly the .223 round can be. However, the writer of this article’s father spent two combat tours in Vietnam, and was personally told stories by his father and other veterans in the Cavalry scouts who were in close combat using M-16s. The author’s father, who is a disabled veteran, actually spent most of his time in helicopters and used an M60 machine gun, which does not fire a .223 round, but the infantry who rode his father’s helicopter into and out of combat were mostly armed with the M-16.

Here is the Wikipedia page on .223 rounds, which were designed for the military:


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