IU Health Bloomington Hospital air conditioning working again after outage last Thursday

IU Health Bloomington Hospital facilities teams worked through last Thursday night into early Friday morning to restore air conditioning at the hospital after losing a breaker panel in the air conditioning room, according to an IU spokesperson who responded Monday to an inquiry by The Bloomingtonian.

As a result of the disruption to the HVAC system, some surgeries had to be rescheduled. Hospital staff used portable devices to keep patients at the hospital comfortable.

Some hospital supplies were affected according to the statement, “In an abundance of safety, we evaluated our procedural equipment and supplies and discarded supplies in question due to the high humidity that may have affected those supplies.

Therefore, we are rescheduling those canceled procedures over the next two weeks as those supplies are reordered and replaced.”

The IU spokesperson credited hospital staff for their quick reaction to prevent a significant disruption to hospital services and stated the air conditioning at the hospital is in working order.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank our patients for their patience as we work to ensure the highest quality of care for their needs,” said the spokesperson.

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