At least 8 gunshots fired in a street at the Crescent @ Union housing complex Thursday night

A least 8 gunshots were fired Thursday night in the 1100 block of N. Crescent Rd, according to Bloomington Police Department Sgt. Jason Shaevitz. After the gunfire, a vehicle was heard speeding away.

Police located 8 shell casings from a 10mm handgun after reports of up to 10 gunshots around 11 p.m., said Shaevitz. Police have no leads or suspects in the shooting. There were no injuries or damage to property.

Investigators found the casings in the roadway between buildings near the intersection of 14th and Oolitic near the eastern section of the Union @ Crescent apartment complex. Union @ Crescent is near the Crestmont housing project.

Crestmont Park in the Crestmont housing project was recently the location of two drive-by shootings at the playground, and several were injured. Children were playing in the playground when the shots were fired.

Shots were recently fired in the vicinity of the Union @ Crescent complex as well.

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