Police pursuit terminated by BPD picked up again by Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

The Bloomington Police Department pursued a black Cadillac Thursday afternoon before terminating the pursuit after speeds were over 100 mph on I-69, according to Bloomington Police Department Capt. Ryan Pedigo. 

A police officer was on patrol around 3:58 p.m. Thursday when he witnessed a black Cadillac Escalade crossing left over the yellow center line on Bloomfield Road before turning left on Basswood. Half the vehicle was over the line before the turn. 

The officer stopped the vehicle, which came to a slow stop, and the officer approached and was given a Michigan license by the driver, who was Black. But, the driver then put the vehicle in gear, and sped away, according to Pedigo. 

The car traveled northbound on Basswood, and then north on Mueller, before the car turned onto W. Third Street. The officer could be heard saying on the scanner the vehicle was traveling at a speed of 65 mph. 

The car entered Interstate 69, and the driver began traveling at over 100 mph when a supervisor at the Bloomington Police Department terminated the pursuit. Pedigo said the BPD knew the identity of the man, who continued to travel north on I-69. 

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office was alerted that the driver was headed in their direction. Pedigo said the Morgan County continued the pursuit in Morgan County. 

The Bloomingtonian has reached out to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and is waiting for a reply. 

This story will be updated. 

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