Police investigate after shots fired Friday night

After two gunshots were fired police responded to Crestmont Park last Friday, according to Bloomington Police Department Lt. John Kovach.

An older Black man about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and wearing a red hoodie and blue jeans fired two shots from a black handgun in the Crestmont Park area around 9:18 p.m., Friday, September 3, 2021, according to police. The man then ran from the scene of the shooting. Nobody was injured. But a crowd in Crestmont park scattered after the shots were fired. Multiple witnesses told police the man seemed to be arguing with someone and began to shout before the shots were fired.

Police later located a shattered window where the bullet traveled into a building and lodged into a wall on N. Illinois Court. Police found one shell casing at the scene.

Multiple people were interviewed by police investigators, but nobody could give a better description of the suspect.

The case is still active as police continue to investigate.

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