Gun found in Bloomington High School South student’s bag by teacher, according to principal; Email sent to parents Thursday

The Bloomingtonian has obtained an e-mail sent to parents after a student at Bloomington High School South was found in possession of a gun on school grounds Thursday.

Here is the message sent to parents by BHSS principal Mark Fletcher:

“We wanted to provide some communication regarding a situation at Bloomington South today involving a school safety concern.

A gun in a student’s bag was discovered in a classroom by a teacher. The student who brought the gun to school has been recommended for expulsion in accordance with Indiana State Law for possession of a firearm on school property.   

The weapon was never used in a threatening manner, and school staff followed all safety protocols.  We also appreciate the professional support from the Bloomington Police

While this communication is something that we have never had to put out before, we understand the importance of appropriate communication with you. Please know we are continuing our important work in providing a high quality learning environment where our students feel
safe and supported.  

Thanks, Mark A. Fletcher”

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