Indiana University President sends a message about growing ties with the military

Indiana University President Pamela Whitten sent the following e-mail to the IU community Tuesday: 

“Strengthening our ties with Crane At Veterans Day events on Indiana University’s campuses last week, we honored the patriotism, service and sacrifice of the more than 1,700 veterans and service members enrolled at IU, and the many faculty and staff who have also served. 
IU’s ties to the military have a long history, and those ties are growing. This week, IU will renew its commitment to an educational partnership with the Naval Support Activity Crane when I visit the naval installation, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary of service this year.
This partnership joining the state’s largest research university with the state’s largest military installation is critical to the safety, security and well-being of residents of Indiana and beyond. It also provides opportunities for our students to gain unique, hands-on experience. 
Among those students are SMART scholars — students who have received scholarships sponsored by the Department of Defense in Science, Math and Research for Transformation — like IU Bloomington’s Austin Parkes in the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering and IUPUI graduate Katherine Pfeiffer, who pursued an education in electrical engineering and is still affiliated with Crane.
Our connection with Crane also expands the reach of our scientists seeking to improve our world in areas including sustainable energy, environmental monitoring and disease abatement. 
For Philip Richerme, assistant professor of physics at IU Bloomington, his research with Crane on “Investigating Radiation Effects in a Trapped Ion Quantum Information Processor” led to work with the Department of Defense that is funded by a $600,000 grant.
As we express gratitude to the heroes whose service and sacrifice make our state, nation and world safer, more resilient and more secure, IU is proud to join with them to continue our commitment to offering students the best education possible and advancing research vital to Hoosiers and people everywhere. 
  Pamela Whitten President, Indiana University”

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