Van stolen from eastside McDonald’s in Bloomington

A white 2006 Ford Econoline 150 van was stolen in December from the eastside McDonald’s, according to Bloomington Police Capt. Ryan Pedigo.

Police were alerted about the vehicle theft Wednesday around 6:15 p.m. after a manager realized it was stolen. The manager told police they noticed it was missing from the parking lot around December 18th, but assumed it had been towed to a mechanic for maintenance. The van has over 600,000 miles on the odometer and belongs to the McDonald’s franchisor who lives in Alabama.

The manager finally reached the franchisor to ask him if the van was towed to a maintenance shop, but was told it hadn’t, so it must have been stolen. The owner of the van wasn’t sure what the value of the van would be according to the police report. However, the restaurant franchise manager is reviewing surveillance footage from 3-4 weeks ago to look for images of possible suspects in the vehicle theft.

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