Woman dead after car becomes airborne during collision Monday morning south of Bloomington

A woman died this morning after a single-vehicle collision south of Bloomington, according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Troy Thomas.

According to Thomas, the woman’s car became airborne then disappeared near the Harrodsburg/Monroe Dam exit on Indiana 37 south of Bloomington. The car was found upside down and partially submerged in water in Clear Creek.

The woman was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Here is all the information Thomas sent to the media Monday in a press release:

“Third shift responded at approximately 5:50 AM to the area of South State Road 37 near the Harrodsburg interchange to a report of a northbound vehicle that was seen entering the grass median between the northbound and southbound lanes before becoming airborne and disappearing. Third shift deputies ultimately located a single, inverted vehicle partially submerged in the waters of Clear Creek below the bridges located 1,500 feet south of the Harrodsburg/Monroe Dam bridge.

Monroe Fire located and extricated one female from the vehicle while the vehicle was still inverted in the water. The female was transported from the scene at 6:54 AM by ambulance and was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Sergeant Dillon responded and is completing the ARIES and crash reconstruction report. Interview with the caller/witness and physical evidence located at the scene indicates the vehicle entered the median at a relatively shallow angle approximately 1,000 feet from the bridges and approximately 700 feet prior to the beginning of the median guardrail. Scene documentation shows no indications of pre-impact braking and no efforts to steer the vehicle out of the median.

Witness stated that the vehicle did not show any signs of impaired driving prior to leaving the roadway and the vehicle’s brake lights did not activate prior to the collision or at any time after leaving the roadway. Monroe County Dispatch did not receive any other reports of impaired driving or reports of this vehicle prior to the collision.

Search warrant is being requested to download the airbag control module to obtain additional information on the vehicle speed, brake activation, and occupant safety system performance.

Vehicle Information:

2005 Lincoln LS Sedan


Thank you,

Lt. Troy Thomas”

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