Pantry 279 is out of food; Won’t open Saturday

Photo by Pantry 279

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Pantry 279 announced it has run out of food, and won’t open to distribute or deliver food this coming Saturday.

The following message was posted:

“Today probably the hardest decision we have ever had to make happened. We have to close Sat due to no food. If we were to open, all that anyone would get would be a bag of chips and a choice between a can of green beans or a can of pumpkin. We have had bare shelves before, we have come close to running out, and since Jan. 1 we have severely cut back on what is in the boxes, and frequently switched to bags. But never have we run out. Well, that day is here. We have seen this possibility on the horizon for some time now. This is the worst time of year for donations, they just stop. But combine that with all of the food shortages at the stores and manufacturers, the farmers unable to harvest everything, shipping issues, etc etc, you get this. Even worse, it’s been happening at other pantries all over the US, we have been lucky enough to hang on this long. I assure you, we are working every possible angle. If you can, see if your school, church, organization, business would be willing to run a food drive. Or if you can bring some food items, our big wooden donation boxes are empty right now and waiting. Whatever you can find is great, we know the shelves aren’t pretty at the stores. We are also working on purchasing some items, and gathering the money for that. If you want to help but can’t make it to us, all food pantries and banks need love right now. As always, I know together we can get thru this too. Thank you all!!”

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