Indiana University dropping mask mandate on March 4, 2022

Indiana University announced Friday that masks will no longer be required beginning March 4, 2022. This coincides with the expiration of state and county public health orders, according to a press release.

IU’s chief health officer said personal choice now takes priority, but people who want to wear masks are still free to do so.

However, the exception is that masks will still be required in health care, and research facilities.

Here is the text of IU’s release:

“IU plans to make masks optional starting March 4

By IU Today

February 18, 2022

With COVID-19 cases declining rapidly at IU and throughout the state, the university intends to make masks optional at all campuses beginning March 4. The action will coincide with the anticipated expiration of state and county public health orders on that date.

Classrooms, residence halls, dining spaces, building common areas and IU Athletics venues are all examples of indoor spaces where mask use will be optional.

Masks will continue to be worn in health-care settings and research spaces.

Dr. Aaron Carroll, chief health officer for IU, says personal choice should increasingly drive decisions related to mask wearing and other precautions: “One-way masking — an individual’s decision to continue wearing a mask — is encouraged for anyone more comfortable wearing a mask in public spaces.”

IU will continue to distribute KN95 and N95 masks.

IU Fort Wayne follows protocols established by Purdue University Fort Wayne.”

In other news: A new covid subvariant that may bypass vaccinations has been discovered:

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