University Club asked to move out of Indiana Memorial Union by Summer

The University Club has been told to move out of the Indiana Memorial Union by summer, according to a recent issue of the University Club Newsletter.

Former Indiana University trustee Cindy Stone posted the following on Facebook this week:

“IU Faculty Staff & Retirees here: I just learned our University Club has been asked by the new IU President Pam Whitten to move out!

Apparently Bryan Hall would like our IMU space that is the current location for the University Club to be emptied by the Summer of 2022. As the President wants to repurpose the space of the club in the IMU for student use and end our 63-year lease.

This is most unfortunate — as faculty & staff still working (or retired like me having worked 40 years at IU) truly need the opportunities to volunteer, network, serve and to learn with each other!

I still mourn the loss of the IMU arts studios (now computer labs) adjacent to the bowling alley that were wonderful non-credit ways for students, faculty & staff to enjoy art without worrying about grades. Now this…. I’m struggling here to find the good in all this, but really disappointed that something that has been an important part of many IU folks lives since the 1950s !! is about to go!    Wonder what Herman would say…. yikes!”

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