Ukraine Video Dispatches – March 5, 2022; Video posted to Twitter shows Russian troops firing on unarmed civilian protesters

Video distributed by Ukrainian consulate in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Here is a capsule of videos showing the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the point of view of Ukrainian soldiers and citizens. These videos were posted on March 5, 2022.

The following videos were provided to the press by the Ukrainian consulate in Chicago.

The Bloomingtonian cannot independently verify the content in these videos, but the founder of the Bloomingtonian reported from Ukraine in 2014 and is versed in the region. These videos appear to be factual, however, the captions, while useful, are from a Ukraine point of view. The titles and subtitles were already on the provided videos.

Russia invaded Ukraine beginning February 24, 2022.


Some more videos of Ukrainians protesting against the Russian invasion. Including the first video link here showing Russian military firing live ammo at civilians protesting the invasion:

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