Press release: Bloomington Startup Granted Patent for New Hop Variety

The following press release was sent to the Bloomingtonian Monday:

“PRESS RELEASE – Bloomington Startup Awarded Patent for New Hops Variety w logo


CV Hops LLC [email protected]

March 29, 2022

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Bloomington Startup Granted Patent for New Hop Variety

Bloomington, Indiana based startup CV Hops LLC is pleased to announce it has been granted a patent for its new variety, a hop plant named CV-12 (Patent #: PP34075). The plant is derived from a privately held, proprietary genetic line called CVCTM also owned by CV Hops LLC. This groundbreaking discovery of this new hops variety perfectly suited to Southern Indiana has the potential to change the hops industry as we know it.

A project 5 years in the making, Mike Baker, Doug Drury, and Travis Wade have developed a variety of hop uniquely adapted to drought and high temperatures. In an industry suffering from abnormally low rainfall and record heat waves, CV-12 Hop is naturally resistant to the effects of climate change. The roots of this newly-patented hop variety go back to the late 1900’s.

The original homestead at Clear View Farm was constructed in the late 1860’s. Previous generations of owners have noted hop plants were cultivated on the property since its founding. The original use for the plant was most likely not for brewing but for bread making. Lupulin present in hops prevents the unwanted growth of bacteria in beer, but in the 19th century this feature was used to cultivate wild baking yeast from the air.

The original hop, CVCTM, has been cultivated since before Prohibition, predating modern breeding programs. CVCTM has a naturally clean flavor that is mildly grassy and floral. Derived from CVCTM, the new CV-12 has a significantly larger cone size and a dramatically altered aroma profile from its parent. CV-12 boasts a high-impact aroma of grapefruit, lime and mango paired with pine and a hint of floral. Both hop varieties have highly desirable traits evolved from living in the southern Indiana climate.

The U.S. hop industry is acutely sensitive to the adverse effects of climate change. 96% of American hops are grown in the Yakima Valley in the Pacific Northwest. In June 2021, a “heat

dome” settled over the Northwest. Battling 110°F+ temperatures stunted the growth of many staple hop strains decimating the two most widely-grown hops strains, Citra® and Cascade.

Both CVCTM and CV-12 hops varieties are naturally drought-resistant and can thrive outside of the Pacific Northwest. CV-12 Hops is uniquely adapted to Southern Indiana, so it can be farmed profitably over a much wider geographic range.. Ownership of the CV-12 Patent and original genetic line of CVCTM hops can fuel the development of other patented hops varieties resistant to climate change for years to come.

CV Hops LLC is proud to contribute to the sustainability of the hops industry. We at CV Hops believe in combining creativity, science and sustainability to produce hops with a diverse flavor portfolio that can thrive anywhere. . This announcement is the first step on our mission to bring modern solutions to a changing world. – Ends

For Further Information Please Contact [email protected] or Visit our Website at”

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