Fireball meteor reported north of Bloomington Wednesday at time of explosion sound; American Meteor Society looking for video of the event; Woman says she saw a “green light” in the sky

A reader shared this video with the Bloomingtonian Thursday:

Update: A person in Vevay, Indiana reported on the AMS website seeing a green light at the time of the sound:

“I had just changed sitting positions at the picnic table. I was sitting outside for lunch. I moved to put my back against the building & stretched my legs out. I was facing the tree line behind the building. I noticed the green light to my left & it went over the tree tops & disappeared”

Earlier story:

The American Meteor Society told the Bloomingtonian Thursday there were two reports Wednesday of a fireball in the sky northeast of Bloomington. The Society was able to use the reports to triangulate the sound to an area just west of Greenwood, Indiana, and south of Indianapolis.

“This was a daytime event and daytime events are harder to see so we get fewer reports. But these two people both describe what sounds like a meteor in the sky. They also provided direction information that was in agreement enough to triangulate the event. This is a good confirmation it was in fact a fireball meteor and not something else,” said Mike Hankey of AMS.

AMS provided this map:

Map provided by the American Meteor Society

A person named Cornelius P told AMS, “I’ve heard reports of the sound but no one mentions that flash just before it.”

The sound was recorded by a surveillance camera at the Cordry-Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Corps, Inc., in Ninevah, Indiana.

Hankey is asking anybody with photos or video of the event to share the documentation with the society.  

Hankey is thinking some door cameras, and other devices may have captured the event. Reports of the fireball can also be submitted at

Here is the link on the AMS website about the event:

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