Indiana University basketball player Xavier Johnson arrested early Sunday in Bloomington, Indiana; Allegedly driving 90 mph in Dodge Charger

BLOOMINGTON, UNITED STATES – 2021/09/27: Indiana University basketball player Xavier Johnson (0) poses for a portrait during the team’s media day, Monday, September 27, 2021, at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind. (File photo by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

Indiana University basketball player Xavier Johnson was arrested early Sunday after being clocked at 90 mph on North Walnut, in Bloomington, Indiana, according to the Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain.

Johnson is facing the charges of misdemeanor reckless driving and felony resisting law enforcement.

According to a press statement, a Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy used radar to measure the speed of a Dodge Charger while it was traveling at 90 miles per hour on North Walnut Street in Bloomington, Indiana around 3 a.m. The driver of the vehicle believed to be Johnson failed to stop for a Sheriff’s Deputy and then drove to an apartment complex after running a stop sign.

Here is the entire press statement the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office shared with the media:

“From Sheriff Brad Swain

Shortly after 3:00 AM, a Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy observed with radar that a Dodge Charger was traveling at 90 miles per hour on North Walnut street. Walnut street is a main thoroughfare through downtown Bloomington.   Deputy Kyle Moulden attempted to stop the car, but the driver refused to stop.  The car drove into an apartment complex, and ran a stop sign during the continued flight.

The car stopped eventually, and Deputy Moulden observed the driver, identified as Xavier Johnson exit the vehicle and change seats with an occupant.  Bloomington Police arrived and assisted in taking three occupants into custody.   Indiana University Basketball player Parker Stewart was among the occupants.   Indiana University student Lee Marrioti was the occupant who switched places with Mr. Johnson, to give the impression that he was the driver during the pursuit, rather than Johnson.  

Xavier Johnson was booked into the Monroe County Correction Center; charged with Resisting Law Enforcement with a vehicle. That is a felony.  He was also charged with Reckless Driving, an misdemeanor.  He was released from jail on a 2,000 dollar surety bond and a 500 dollar cash bond.

Mr. Marrioti was charged with false informing for making the statement that he was the driver during the flight from police.  He has also been released from jail.

Parker Stewart was not charged.   He declined to provide a statement on whom was driving the car during the pursuit.

Sheriff Brad Swain”

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