Press release: Spring into tobacco cessation

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April 11, 2022

Spring into tobacco cessation

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – This year, make spring the start of your journey to a tobacco-free life.

“We  saw a big increase in tobacco use in early 2020, which is bad for  people’s health and our environment,” said IU Health Community Health  Program Manager Cara Wickens.

World  No Tobacco Day is on Tuesday, May 31, and this year’s focus is on how  tobacco affects the environment. The World Health Organization (WHO)  reports the annual  destruction of around 8.5 million acres of land due to tobacco farming.

The  WHO also reports the crop contributes to almost 500,000 acres of  deforestation annually. Tobacco products continue the destructive trend.

Wickens  said, “That cigarette or e-cigarette isn’t just affecting you. The  carcinogens and harmful chemicals are making their way into the bodies  of people around you  through second-hand smoke and into the environment when people  improperly dispose of the products.”

Spring is a great time to make a change and work on being tobacco-free.

Call  1.800.Quit.Now to get help from a trained quit coach and get started on  your plan. You can also call this number for free, evidence-based  tobacco cessation support. Visit to learn more.

For in-person tobacco cessation classes in Monroe County, please call IU Health  Bloomington Community Health at 812.353.9300 to learn about our 2022 schedule.”

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