Press release: AAUP sponsoring pre-meeting for IU Bloomington faculty at the Fine Arts Building auditorium at 1:30pm

The following press release was sent to the Bloomingtonian early Monday: 

“American Association of University Professors—Indiana University Bloomington Chapter

Contact: Benjamin Robinson, AAUP-IUB, President

Cell Phone: 812-360-1506

Email: [email protected]

May 9, 2022


The Bloomington faculty of Indiana University Bloomington is  convening for an extraordinary faculty meeting on Monday, May 9, from  3:30-6pm, in the IU Auditorium, to discuss the labor dispute between  striking graduate student employees and the  IU administration. Faculty members unhappy with senior IU  administrations refusal to negotiate with student workers petitioned the  Executive Committee of the Bloomington Faculty Council to convene the  full Bloomington faculty for the first time since November  2005. Four resolutions will be discussed: the first reasserts faculty  authority and due process over the Vice Provost’s withholding of  reappointments for student academic appointees; the second calls for  cost of living review of graduate stipends; the third  calls on the Board of Trustees, President Pamela Whitten, and Provost  Rahul Shrivastav, to recognize the graduate employee union; the  fourth—opposed by the faculty who petitioned for the meeting—solicits  cooperation with the administration. The meeting takes  place as the graduate student strike approaches the deadline for the  submission of final grades on May 10th.

The question of public employee unionization in south central  Indiana has major national significance for a new generation of labor  organizing and graduate student efforts at IU have occasioned  unprecedented levels of faculty engagement.

The AAUP is also sponsoring a pre-meeting for all IU Bloomington faculty at the Fine Arts Building auditorium at 1:30pm.”

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