Oolitic Marshal’s Office dog alerts officers to suspected meth and heroin during traffic stop early Thursday in Bloomington

Oolitic Marshal’s Office

A 29-year-old man was arrested after police recovered 114.31 grams suspected to be meth, and 46.45 grams of suspected heroin, early Thursday, according to the Oolitic Marshal’s Office.

“While off duty, Marshal Harrington and his canine partner Deny Joe responded to assist the Bloomington Police Department with a traffic stop, after their assistance was requested. During the stop, Deny was deployed for a free air sniff around the exterior of the vehicle, and he alerted on the driver’s door. BPD officers recovered 114.31 grams of suspected Methamphetamine, 43.52 grams of suspected Heroin, multiple cellular phones, and a digital scale from within the vehicle, and 2.93 grams of suspected Heroin from the passenger of the vehicle,” according to the Oolitic Marshal’s Office.


Bloomington Police Department Captain Ryan Pedigo confirmed that a man was stopped for exceeding the speed limit on I-69 around 12:37 a.m. Thursday.

“Upon officers interviewing the occupants of the vehicle, an open-air sniff of the vehicle was performed by the Oolitic officer, who advised the BPD officers that the dog gave a positive indication that the vehicle contained narcotics. Officers, therefore, searched the vehicle and located the various baggies of suspected narcotics inside the passenger compartment,” said Pedigo.

Oolitic Marshal’s Office
Oolitic Marshal’s Office
Oolitic Marshal’s Office
Oolitic Marshal’s Office

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