Press release: IU Graduate and Professional Student Government recognizes Grad Workers union

The following press release was sent to the Bloomingtonian Tuesday:

The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) General Assembly convened on
Friday, September 23 for its first meeting of the academic year. The assembly voted on five
items, all of which passed overwhelmingly:

  1. In a resolution, the GPSG formally recognized the Indiana Graduate Workers Coalition –
    United Electrical Workers (IGWC-UE) as the union representing Student Academic
    Appointees on campus.
  2. In an amendment to the Constitution, the GPSG created an IGWC-UE representative
    position on the GPSG Executive Committee.
  3. In an amendment to the GPSG by-laws, the GPSG allotted GPSG seats on committees
    relevant to SAAs to the IGWC-UE.
  4. In an amendment to the GPSG by-laws, the GPSG allowed amendments to previous
  5. In an amendment to last April 27’s resolution, the GPSG approved rejoining bodies of
    shared governance on campus.
    Following the meeting, GPSG President Chelsea Brinda communicated the results of the vote in
    a letter to constituents.
    The GPSG is the official university-sponsored student government for all graduate and
    professional students across all Indiana University-Bloomington schools and departments. GPSG
    serves over 10,000 graduate and professional students at IU-Bloomington by providing
    advocacy, academic support, community building, and access to resources.
    Peter Cho
    Communications Coordinator, Graduate & Professional Student Government
    [email protected] | 812-855-8747 | Wells Library, East Tower 544G

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