Press release: Anti-abortion activists to line Third Street Sunday

Anti-abortion activist group Concerned Christians For Life sent the following press release to the Bloomingtonian:


September 29, 2022

 The National Life Chain

Will Appear Again in Bloomington This Sunday

Bloomington, IN – Concerned Christians For Life (CCFL) announced that the National Life Chain will again be held in 2022 despite the Dobbs decision in the Supreme Court. The National Life Chain consists of a line of people along east Third Street holding signs protesting abortion. The date this year is Sunday, October 2, 2-3:30 p.m.

   “The Supreme Court has finally admitted that Roe v. Wade was a legal mistake,” said CCFL Event Organizer Clinton Mahoney. “They didn’t outlaw abortion, though—they left it up to each state to decide. Earlier this year, Indiana passed a law regulating abortion, but we don’t think it went far enough, and even that law is under threat from activist Indiana state judges. So we must pray to God for mercy for our state as we continue to kill babies.”

   People grieved over abortion have been standing in the Life Chain on the first Sunday of every October since the national event started in 1987. A list of participating cities can be found at

   The Bloomington Police Department has been notified, and the Life Chain will be protected by trained security personnel. The event usually features some drivers honking their horns in support of the men, women, and children holding signs, and some drivers shouting obscenities in opposition.”

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