Family of injured 17-year-old raising money on GoFundMe after Mays Greenhouse collision

Image from GoFundMe website

Family members of 17-year-old Joey Henderson, who was critically injured during a five-vehicle crash last Friday at Mays Greenhouse, are raising money on GoFundMe for his medical expenses, and to help his parents who have taken off from work to be at his side.

The GoFundMe had raised 11,177 dollars of the 25,000-dollar goal by 12:46 p.m. Thursday.

Henderson is currently hospitalized in Indianapolis.

Here is the link to the fundraiser:

The text of the fundraiser page reads as follows:

“On September 30th 2022, seventeen-year-old Joey Henderson went to work at May’s Greenhouse in Bloomington Indiana. Shortly after arriving at work there was a terrible multi-vehicle accident on Old State Road 37 next to the greenhouse. This accident resulted in a dump truck swerving off the road and running over Joey, who was on a John Deer gator. The impact was so forceful that it pushed both Joey and the gator through a wall of the building, pinning him under the dump truck.

Joey’s injuries are numerous. Broken Back, several broken ribs, Collapsed Lung, Perforated Bladder, Kidney Damage, Liver Damage, Broken bones in leg and foot, Shattered Pelvis and his spleen has had to be completely removed. Currently Joey has had 3 surgeries and there will be at least 3 more to come. His mother and father are living at the hospital as they navigate this very difficult time, spending every minute that they can by his side.

As they focus on Joey, they are both missing work which is resulting in a loss of income. Please consider giving to support this family during this very difficult time, so that they can continue to focus on their beloved son. Thank you for your support.”

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