Press release: Biden remembers when Stalin starved millions of Ukrainians to death

The following was sent to members of the White House Press Corps Wednesday: 


November 23, 2022

Statement by President Joe Biden on Remembering the Holodomor

Even  as the brave Ukrainian people continue to defend their democracy and  freedom from Russia’s brutal aggression, we pause to also honor the  victims of past injustices and horrors inflicted on Ukraine. 

This November marks the anniversary of the Holodomor — “death by  hunger.” During his regime, Joseph Stalin imposed harsh and repressive  policies on Ukraine, including creating a deliberate famine in 1932-33  that caused millions of innocent Ukrainian women, men, and children to  perish. We commemorate all the lives lost in this senseless tragedy, and  we pay tribute to the resilience of the Ukrainian people who endured  devastation and tyranny to ultimately create a free and democratic  society. 

This month, we remember the victims of the Holodomor. We reaffirm our  steadfast commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.  And we honor the brave Ukrainian people who continue to courageously  resist Russia’s assault on their democracy.


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