Press release: Monroe County Democratic Party files for election recount in Benton Township board race

The following press release was sent to the Bloomingtonian Wednesday:

November 23, 2022
Contact: David Henry, [email protected]
Today, the Monroe County Democratic Party announces it has filed a recount petition for the
Benton Township Board Member election. With a mere four vote difference between incumbent
Democrat Hans Kelson and the Republican challenger Jake Dodds, Chair David G. Henry filed
the petition on November 23rd at the Monroe County Courthouse.
“Never doubt that your vote matters,” said Henry. “In a race that tightened up during canvassing
and certification to a four-vote margin, I am certain that if the situation were reversed that any
party would seek a recount on behalf of their candidate. The Monroe County Democratic Party
simply seeks to make the list, and check it twice to assure every lawfully cast vote was counted
in such a closely contested election.”
Under Indiana Code, a county circuit court considers a petition for a recount. Should a recount be
granted, the court will appoint a recount board. Their work must conclude by December 20th,
2022 unless a court extends the deadline. The Monroe County Democratic Party has requested a
hand recount of ballots cast in Benton precincts 1 and 2.
County party chairs have until noon on Monday, November 28, 2022 to file petitions for
recounts. Typically, a county chair has until 17 days after the election to file a petition. However,
the Thanksgiving holiday and closure of government offices extends the deadline to Monday.
The Monroe County Democratic Party is reviewing additional races for recount petitions at this
time, including the Indiana House District 62 race. In a race where a district crosses multiple
county lines, the county chair with the largest percentage of the district’s population has the right
to file for a recount for the entire district. Those petitions for state house races must be filed in
Indianapolis. For the Indiana 62nd, the majority of the population is in Monroe County, and the
right to file a petition falls to the party chairpersons in Monroe County.

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